We create incredibly detailed artwork from open source map data. We make an extraordinary effort at every stage of the production to ensure that our artwork is as close to perfection as possible. A lot of time and love goes into the creation of every print and here we’ll tell you a little more about what goes into each one.

In a nutshell

1. Pick a location

Choose from one of our handpicked locations or pick your own custom location from our map.

2. Review a Preview

We’ll send you a preview of your chosen location. You just tell us if you like it and we take care of the production.

3. shipped within 2 days

Once you have confirmed the sample we’ll get your map in the post within two days.

Sizes and Frames

Our classic sizes are designed to fit standard European frame sizes (and their United States equivalents). We are able to accommodate any request for custom sizes up to our maximum size of 270 x 90 cm. Our panoramic sizes are designed to fit 3:1 aspect frames, which are a standard size for most quality frame makers. Please contact us for more information on framing our panoramic maps.

See below a complete comparison with our life-size average Joe as a guide to compare.

Size Price Format
70 X 50 49€ Landscape/Portrait
61 X 91 59€ Landscape/Portrait
70 X 100 69€ Landscape/Portrait
150 X 50 79€ Panoramic
180 X 60 89€ Panoramic
270 X 90 149€ Maximum

Signature Detail

We use a special computerised technique and some heavy hardware to render extremely large areas of map at an extremely high level of detail. The level of detail is therefore not contained by the zoom level, only by what is possible to fit on a sheet of paper. In fact it would be possible to print our panoramic maps on the side of a double decker bus with no loss in quality!

You don’t have to trade detail for the amount of area you want in your map. Either choose from our handcrafted gallery or send us a request for your chosen area. We’ll be able to advise you on what will fit best on a final print.


We pride ourselves on the quality and speed of our distribution. 95% of our maps ship within two business days. Please allow 5 days for production of our custom frames as these are handmade to order. Free worldwide shipping for all our panoramic prints.
Standard Shipping Print only Regular Frame Panoramic Frame
Germany (2-3 days) Free Free Free
Europe (2-7 days) 8€ 8€ Contact us
USA & Rest of World (7-21 days) 8€ Contact us Contact us

* Additional charges may apply if your shipping address in a remote location, please contact us if you are unsure

** Available in USA & Canada only, please contact us if you are outside this region

Made in Germany

Every print is produced on premium quality 190gsm matt paper. This is the highest quality paper that is suitable for indoor prints. The matt finish also provides the best contrast for the incredible detail of each print so no matter from which distance you view the print, every feature radiates off the paper. The combination of high paper quality and our obsession over image detail ensure a breath taking level of detail in every print. We work with a specialist print partner in Germany with over 30 years of expertise in high quality printing.


All map data used is provided free by the OpenStreetMap Foundation. OpenStreetMap is open data, licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database Licence (ODbL) by the  OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF).

Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the image quality be better than the preview I see on the website?
Yes! The images that we display on the website have to be significantly reduced so that they don’t take years to load! The original images that get sent for production are around 300-400 times larger! To get an idea of what the full optical quality of your map will be, look for the magnified preview.
Can I download the original image file for my map?

We currently do not provide the original image data for download. Two reasons:

  1. To get the ultra high level of detail covering large areas means these files are incredibly big. Even if we were able to send them to you, you would need specialist software and hardware to open them.
  2. This is our intellectual property and the thing that allows us to stay online and offer our unique art to all that find it as interesting as we do. If there is a special need for originals, contact us as we can see how we can help.
What does 200g per square metre paper mean
190g/m2 is an indication of the mass of 1 square metre the paper. The higher the mass, the thicker the paper typically is. Beyond 200g/m2 the paper becomes card so this is about the highest mass that we can reliable print and distribute. All our prints are made on a premium quality matt finish paper.
I don't see my city in the gallery, when will it be available?
The gallery only contain a handful of the cities and areas that we found particularly striking. We render the images from the source data provided by the OpenStreetMaps project so we can provide a map of anywhere on earth. Just sent us a request on our Create Page and we’ll send you a custom made sample of your chosen area. We’ll also be able to advise you on which level of detail will fit best to your chosen area at your chosen print size.
I have a irregular size frame, can I have a custom size print to fit?
Yes! Just let us know the exact dimensions of the print you need (in mm) and we’ll design a map to fit.
If I'm not happy with my map what can I do?

Making you happy is our number one goal so we designed our process so that you can see a preview of your map before we print it. As our products are highly customised we can’t accept returns so please check your preview fully before you confirm.

Aside from the preview process a lot of time is spent in the preparation of the images and in the printing process to achieve the highest level of quality so you can rest assured we take every step possible to make sure you love your map as much as we do.

If you are not happy with your final print, just return the undamaged map to us and we’ll either replace it or refund you for your purchase.

I'm sending my map as a gift, will it be packed with a receipt?
A carefully chosen map makes a memorable gift. All our maps a shipped with neutral packaging and your receipt will be sent via email.

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