Backup Checkout


Occasionally the stars do not align and something goes wrong with our checkout. Fortunately we have a backup where we can process your order. Select the products below that you are looking to purchase. We may need to ask you to go to our online editor and request a “Free Digital Preview” to get the information on your design.


  1. Find your required size. Add a frame if required
  2. Click checkout and enter your details
  3. The backup checkout is only available EUR so please use discount code: MAPIFYBUGS10 for a 10% discount to cover exchange fees
  4. Once we have your details we will process your order as normal

Custom Maps


Backup Checkout Mapify

Gift cards

Instant delivery and something beautiful you can give on a special occasion. Designed for home printing.

Backup Checkout Mapify


Get inspired by our gallery of beautiful map examples. Let us do the hard work and find something that excites you. Just click to start designing.

Backup Checkout Mapify


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