JP Morgan Run Finishers Poster

JP Morgan Run Finisher's Poster With Mapify it's just better Again this year it is the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge in Frankfurt. New this time is Mapify and the possibility for participants to create a personalised route poster of the 5.6 km route.  The JP Morgan...

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Experience the detail

Ultra Detailed Map Posters Our obsession for detail goes right back to the beginning of Mapify. When we created our first panoramic map poster, we wanted it to contain all the back streets and paths but at the same time cover an enormous area. You may know from using...

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Mapify Valentine Special

facebook Instagram Twitter Special location with a special finish   With Valentine's day fast approaching we wanted to share one of our secret creations: our romantic finished maps. It all started about a year ago as an impromptu gift idea for a wedding we attended.  ...

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The Best of 2016

facebook Instagram Twitter Best of 2016 What better way to start 2017 than to look back at all the beautiful maps that caught our eye over the year and find our favourite. These maps are a collection of out favourite maps, not just because of their looks but also the...

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