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Create your map print

Create your map print of any location

With Mapify you can make your own custom map of every city in the world.  Whether your map is destined to be a gift for someone special or an iconic addition to your home, we have a size to fit all. If you want to design your map of your hometown, just enter an adress in our editor, our map maker. You will find every place on earth, no matter how big or small it is.

Most Detailed Map Prints

With Mapify you can create the most detailed map print you can buy. Our obsession for detail goes right back to the beginning of Mapify. When we created our first panoramic map poster, we wanted it to contain all the back streets and paths but at the same time cover an enormous area. You may know from using Google Maps that when you zoom out the details start to get lost. We were not satisfied with the tradeoff between size and detail so our quest to create the world’s most detailed map posters had begun! These days you can create your custom map print in an amazingly detailed quality.

300 dpi
very low resolution image common with other map poster providers at 300 dpi with loss of detail

300 DPI is the size you would usually print with. The image is ilegible. This is not good enough for us. 

600 dpi
low resolution image common with other map poster providers at 600 dpi with slight loss of detail
This is the kind of resolution you could expect from a top of the range inkjet printer. It’s okay but not nearly good enough for us.
1440 dpi
ultra detailed mapify custom map poster close up london waterloo at 1440 dpi detail
At Mapify we aim to produce all our maps at 1440 DPI and above. Our FineArt printer has a maximum resolution of 2400 DPI so there is room for more!

Your fitting frame

If you have created your custom map poster and are searching for a fitting frame to put it onto your wall? This selection of classic frames is a great option for you. These high quality, wooden frames are available for shipping worldwide and been delivered with your map inside. The perfect choice for a gift.

free Worldwide shipping

We don’t just print every city in the world, we also ship your map worldwide for free.



Delivery usually takes 2-6 days. For those who can’t wait, look for the express option at the checkout or order two or more maps and get a free upgrade to priority shipping.


Depending on your country we aim to print your map in the closest possible location. We estimate a delivery time of 7-21 working days.

Personal Customer Service

We want nothing more for you to than have the same feeling we did when we hung our first map on the wall and fell in love with it.

You want to create your map print and have a question? Alistair and Lena from Germany are always happy to help you out.


Do you need a frame for your Mapify poster? We have a selection of classic frames that ship worldwide.

The perfect Christmas gift

Create the perfect custom Christmas gift in no time with our Map Design Tool. Just pick a city of your choice and you’re ready to go.

Phone Cases (coming soon)

We've got something very cool coming to the site very soon. Phone cases with your favourite maps! While we are putting the finishing touches on behind the scenes the phone cases will be available to try for a select group of customers. If you are interested, just...

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