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Digital Preview

We can’t always show the full level of detail in our maps in our editor but you can request a free digital preview to see how your map will look like before you order.

Requesting a preview

The images we produce in order to print your map are truly enormous. It is not always possible for us to show the full level of detail in our editor as this would quickly use up monthly data! In order that you can see how your map will look like before you order you can request a digital preview to be sent via email.

Look for this button in the editor to make your request. Your preview will be automatically created and sent to you via email. If you are trying to create a design that is not possible in our editor, just leave us a message and we’ll try to see how we can help.

As your map is created from the raw map data it takes a little while to create. Depending on how busy the site is your preview will be ready in 10 – 30 minutes.

What is in the preview

The image you receive in the email is a reduced version of your full size map image. It will show the exact location of any icons and text you have added to your design. Don’t worry if it looks like the image has a low quality. We reduce the size so it can be emailed but the image we will send to be printed will be about 100 x higher in resolution.

The badge in the top left corner and the Mapify watermarks will not appear on the final print. If there is a specific part of the map you’d like to see in full detail, let us know and we’ll send you a cutout in full detail.

Order from preview code

If you have received a preview from us, you can order your map with the preview code. Just pick the correct size map from the custom maps below, enter your preview code into the field provided.

How much does a preview cost?

Nothing! Our digital previews are completely free. Please request as many as you need in order to create your perfect map.


Do you need a frame for your Mapify poster? We have a selection of classic frames that ship worldwide.

The perfect Christmas gift

Create the perfect custom Christmas gift in no time with our Map Design Tool. Just pick a city of your choice and you’re ready to go.

Phone Cases (coming soon)

We've got something very cool coming to the site very soon. Phone cases with your favourite maps! While we are putting the finishing touches on behind the scenes the phone cases will be available to try for a select group of customers. If you are interested, just...

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