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Handmade in Germany


Hans is our custom frame builder and together with his Hansmade team in the forests of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, they create beautiful handcrafted wooden frames. Frames come in two colours, black and natural and are handmade to order at prices only available to Mapify customers. A Hansmade frame is the perfect way to round off a personalised map and you can be sure they are built with a whole lot of love ❤.

The Hansmade Team

Two Beautiful Styles

All handmade frames come with a durable and crystal clear acrylic glass front. Please allow five additional days for the production of your frame and please contact us directly for individual requirements.


From 99€


From 99€

Standard Frames

Standard 50 x 70 cm

We also offer a selection of suitable standard multi-purpose frames. Our standard 50 x 70 cm frame comes fully assembled ready to go directly onto the wall and ships without delay.

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