Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the image quality be better than the preview I see on the website?

Yes! The images that we display on the website have to be significantly reduced so that they don’t take years to load! The original images that get sent for production are around 300-400 times larger! To get an idea of what the full optical quality of your map will be, look for the magnified preview.

Can I download the original image file for my map?

We currently do not provide the original image data for download. Two reasons:

  1. To get the ultra high level of detail covering large areas means these files are incredibly big. Even if we were able to send them to you, you would need specialist software and hardware to open them.
  2. This is our intellectual property and the thing that allows us to stay online and offer our unique art to all that find it as interesting as we do. If there is a special need for originals, contact us as we can see how we can help.
What does 190g per square metre paper mean

190g/m2 is an indication of the mass of 1 square metre the paper. The higher the mass, the thicker the paper typically is. Beyond 200g/m2 the paper becomes card so this is about the highest mass that we can reliable print and distribute. All our prints are made on a premium quality matt finish paper.

I'm sending my map as a gift, will it be packed with a receipt?

A carefully chosen map makes a memorable gift. All our maps a shipped with neutral packaging and your receipt will be sent via email.

How long will it take for my map to be delivered?

For all answers relating to delivery, please see our dedicated shipping page.

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Panoramic Maps

Our panoramic city maps are now available in Germany! Create your stunning panoramic city map now as a poster or as our new, high quality aluminium print.

Frequently Asked Questions Mapify

Gift cards

Instant delivery and something beautiful you can give on a special occasion. Designed for home printing.

Frequently Asked Questions Mapify


Get inspired by our gallery of beautiful map examples. Let us do the hard work and find something that excites you. Just click to start designing.