New York custom map poster city map poster by mapify

New York


50 X 70 cm  

If this map is not exactly what you are looking for you can easily make your own with our Mapifier Tool.

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Product Description

New York … New York. This stunning panoramic print features the entire New York metropolis as well as Long Island in the East and Easton in the west. It’s a perfect example of our signature high resolution detail of the entire area. This is by far our most popular print and when you see the final version up close, it’s very easy to see why.  
CUSTOMISE THIS PRINT With our brand new mapifier tool you can create your own map just like this one. Choose any location on earth and play with a full range of customisation options including the text, size, position, frames and much more.

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  • The level of detail in every print is breath-taking. We spend a huge amount of time to capture every last street and path across a really huge area!
  • Our state of the art Canon Large Format Printer allows us to produce a print with an awe inspiring size and doesn’t miss a single detail in our carefully prepared image.
  • Every print is gift wrapped as we put all our love and care into every one of our cherished prints


  • We are more than happy to prepare a print for your chosen location
  • Send us a message of your chosen place and we’ll prepare a preview


  • Want an even larger print? well just message us with your desired size
  • Our Signature Panoramic’s come in 3:1 aspect
  • We can scale up to a maximum of 270 x 90 cm, which is truly enormous!

Additional Information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 50 X 70 cm
Paper Weight

190g per square metre

Print Quality

1200 x 2400 dpi FineArt print quality




50 x 70 cm




Print only

NEW! Try out our new Mapifier. Add and move icons and much more! Click here to start!

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