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Designed for home printing.

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  • The gift card is designed to be printed in A4 format and folded into a card that can be physically given.
  • The gift card will be emailed to you with the gift card code shortly after you place your order.
  • The gift card is valid only in the currency you checkout with. If you need to change the currency, just contact us.
  • The gift card is valid for one year. If you need an extension, just contact us.
  • The gift card is valid for a purchase at If you want to use it on a phone case, just contact us and we can reconfigure it.
  • The gift card is redeemable in the checkout process with the selection of “Promo code”.
  • The gift card is not exchangeable for cash.
  • If you have any questions or trouble, using your gift card, just let us know and we can sort them out.
Gift cards Mapify

Holiday Order Deadlines

We do our very best to get your Christmas presents delivered in time. See here a guide on the last chance to order to have your maps delivered in time for Christmas. 

Gift cards Mapify

The perfect Christmas gift

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas present? With our design tool you can create your own personalized city poster in no time at all.

Gift cards Mapify


Get inspired by our gallery of beautiful map examples. Let us do the hard work and find something that excites you. Just click to start designing.