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Special location with a special finish


With Valentine’s day fast approaching we wanted to share one of our secret creations: our romantic finished maps. It all started about a year ago as an impromptu gift idea for a wedding we attended.


The location of the wedding is a very special place for the lucky pair and we wanted to add something to the map that would remind them of that place for years to come. A simple red heart was enough to mark the spot and a simple message containing the location and the date and with that our romantic finish was born.

Creating a romantic map is easy!


The first romantic maps took some effort to create. Our map images are no ordinary images, they are truly enormous. To squeeze in all the back streets and alleys onto a map covering the area of Paris, Berlin or New York requires an extremely large image. It’s therefore not possible just to open it up and paste on the heart. It took some fairly creative software!

Now creating a romantic map is as easy as making a google search. Just jump right into our Mapifier here, find a special place and in the customise step you can add a heart icon and choose our romantic font. It really is that easy. To get a full idea of how your map will print, request a free preview and we’ll send you a reduced version of your final map. See how it’s done in this 60 second video.

Romantic maps for many occasions


Its not just valentine day that fits to a romantic map, in the past we’ve had requests for all kinds of events. Engagements, surprise proposals, first dates, weddings, “where we first met” and many more. Go right over to our Mapifier to try out your ideas. Every romantic map comes with our signature level of detail and printed to the highest quality we could find. There is a little bit of love in everyone of our maps 


Do you need a frame for your Mapify poster? We have a selection of classic frames that ship worldwide.

The perfect Christmas gift

Create the perfect custom Christmas gift in no time with our Map Design Tool. Just pick a city of your choice and you’re ready to go.

Phone Cases (coming soon)

We've got something very cool coming to the site very soon. Phone cases with your favourite maps! While we are putting the finishing touches on behind the scenes the phone cases will be available to try for a select group of customers. If you are interested, just...

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