Now available in Germany

Panoramic Maps

Our panoramic city maps are now available in Germany!

Create your stunning panoramic city map now as a poster or as our new, high quality Alu-Dibond. The panoramic size an absolute eye-catcher in every apartment and brings your map to live.


Panoramic Maps Mapify

The panoramic map poster

Your poster will be printed with a FineArt printing technique with ultra-HD print resolution on a high-quality 250 g/m² Sihl photo paper and matt laminated. Your city poster is insensitive to reflections and fingerprints with the matte surface. 

Your personalised map printed on a poster in the sizes

120 x 40 cm – € 69
150 x 50 cm – € 79 or
180 x 60 cm – € 89
on high quality premium paper.

Optional with a fitting wooden frame

plus 120 x 40 cm – € 90
plus 150 x 50 cm – € 170 or
plus 180 x 60 cm – € 200

Panoramic Maps Mapify

The premium panoramic Alu-Dibond

A city map on an exquisite Aluminium plate is our absolute premium product for panoramic maps. Your map is produced with a high-quality photo print lamination in FineArt quality, durable sealing and black side optics. Like this, every detail of your map comes to the fore.

Your personalised map printed on an Aluminium plate in the sizes

120 x 40 cm – € 159
150 x 50 cm – € 249 or
180 x 60 cm – € 289

Panoramic Maps Mapify

Gift cards

Instant delivery and something beautiful you can give on a special occasion. Designed for home printing.

Panoramic Maps Mapify


Get inspired by our gallery of beautiful map examples. Let us do the hard work and find something that excites you. Just click to start designing.

Panoramic Maps Mapify


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