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The perfect Christmas gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift? It should be individual and personal, but should easy to create? Then we have something for you. Create your own personal card in no time with our Map Design Tool. Just pick a city of your choice and you’re ready to go. We also have a few tips for you on how to make your map even more personal.

Step 1

Places connect and we have them all. Just pick your favorite place that connects you with the person you want to gift. We have the map data from every place in the world. Just enter a place or a street name in the search field. This place is then displayed centered in the middle of the map.

Step 2

Each apartment is different and so you can choose from three of our beautiful styles. Whether Classic in black and white, in our dark Twilight style or in colorful Pop Art style.

Step 3

An empty wall wants to be filled. No matter how much space someone has, we have always the right size. By the way, we are the only manufacturer where you can print your map in a panorama size. From our smallest 50 x 70 cm to our panorama poster in 180 x 60 cm.

Step 4

Every city is different. Depending on the degree of the zoom you will see more details or get a larger section. Depending on how big your chosen city is, it may be worthwhile to zoom out of the map. So you see more roads and the map becomes more interesting. But if you choose a bigger city and you see already enough streets on the map, you can zoom in more and see houses and smaller streets. Simply click on the plus or minus in the upper left corner.

Step 5

By default, the city name, country, and coordinates appear on your poster. You can also customize any of these texts. Here you can specify a place more precisely, write a date for a special event or leave a special message. For example, include a wedding or birthday makes your poster unique and makes it to the perfect gift. You can also choose our romantic font here.

Step 6

If you want to mark a specific place, you can add icons here. You can move the location of the icon and adjust the size on the slider. If you have moved your map and can no longer see the icon, just click on the X and select a new icon. If you are looking for a street name, first enter the address in the input field and then select your icon. So the icon is displayed in the middle and on the exact place. Then you can move the map as you like. And it’s done. You have the perfect gift. Now you need just to order.

See our shipping deadlines for Christmas

Region Standard shipping deadline Express shipping deadline
Germany Dec 16 Dec 19
USA Dec 13 Dec 19
UK Dec 12 Dec 17
Europe Dec 10 Dec 17<
NZ / Australia Dec 10 Ask for quote
Rest of World Dec 4 Ask for quote


Do you need a frame for your Mapify poster? We have a selection of classic frames that ship worldwide.

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Order from preview

Order From Preview Order from preview code If you have received a preview from us, you can order your map with the preview code. Just pick the correct size map from the custom maps below, enter your preview code into the field provided.

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